Having worked with Kate previously and knowing her personally, I can 100% recommend Kate and the service she provides. Having over 10 years experience in recruitment in Australia & overseas, she has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding what employers are looking for in your resume, your personality, and your fit to their business. The service that Kate provides is far more than 'creating your resume' for $190. I'm sure there are a multitude of businesses who can create a resume for an amount of money, but do they really care about your outcome? Kate truly has a passion for what she does and for helping people. Creating confidence, building self-esteem and empowerment is what Kate does best! Her ability to read people is a gift - coupled with her extra-ordinary people skills and mentoring ability means her coaching session and interview tips will give you the confidence to go out & get that job! I challenge anyone to find someone as knowledgeable & passionate about what they do as Kate.

- Need a new resume - call Kate!

- Need tips on how to answer those curly interview questions - call Kate!

- Need the confidence to back up your skills - call Kate!

- $190 is a small amount to invest in something that can change your future!

Natalie Lange

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Kenneth Edwards

I have just had my CV done by Kate & what a wonderful person she is. Not only did Kate produce an outstanding CV & cover letter for me, but Kate is also just a phone call away for any questions on interviewing, assisting you with applying for a job, she definitely gives 120% of her devoted time to your needs. Kate gives great words of encouragement & gives you the confidence to succeed. Her CV writing style is eye catching & Kate is there to help you succeed. Well done Kate, I highly recommend you to EVERYONE, even those that have a CV or may need it updated - Kate is the lady for you, so give her a call, you will be amazed with the outcome!

Kerry Morse

Kate's service had a quick turnaround with excellent results. I had 2 interviews the following week and people saying the resume was clear! Thanks so much Kate!

Barbara Craig

When I contacted Kate to do my resume she was very prompt in responding and outlining what was required, being my first resume. Kate's service prompt, efficient and professional.

Christine Smith