What do I get?

New Marketable Resume

Career Coaching

Finding the right path for you is important becuase if you are not in a job that you like, then it can effect other areas of your life. Why should you settle for second, why should you just stay in a job because it is too hard to change? If you are thinking any of these then this is where we can help! We give you the confidence and direction to find the industry and job you like and want to get out of bed for everyday!!! We are passionate about this so give us a call to set up a one on one meeting. 

Interview Techniques

Firstly you will get an experienced, educated and passionate person working with you on your resume for as long as it takes. It is not just about writing your details into a template it is much more than that. You will be leaps and bounds ahead of your other applicants in the market as Kate knows exactly what recruiters and companies are looking for. How? Because she has been the Recruitment Specialist herself! You cannot get experience any better than that!

You will be working with a caring professional who is going to listen to you, take the time to review your situation and develop strategies that will help market you to employers and recruiters. It is not just about the resume that Kate will talk to you about, it is the skills needed for interview and coaching through this process as it can be quite nerve racking for some. It is about knowing what to expect so you can allow yourself the best chances to get your dream job.

My aim is to help you build your status through development of your experience and skills and by building on your personal marketing record – YOUR RESUME!

By the time you leave your appointment you will have achieved a document that sells and compliments you. It will be the key to unlock your new challenge and with some coaching and tips you will be well on your way to securing that job you have always wanted.

How it works




  • Use a layout with professional design suited to your market.
  • Make a strong verbal impact using words to gain attention.
  • Use marketing tools such as Personal Profile, Attributes, Experience and Why should someone hire you?
  • Write in a clear, concise and simple manner related to your industry.
  • Write in a neutral style.
  • Understand what to do once you have submitted a resume.

Selection Criteria

For potential candidates that are sourcing a role in one of the government sectors, Selection Criteria is something you may need to answer. Depending on how well you address each of these could depend on whether you gain an interview spot so it is critical that you get this right. This is something that “Above and Beyond Resumes” can also help with to ensure your best possible chance.

If you need to submit Selection Criteria with your resume for your potential job application, then this is something we can do. Make sure you let us know to allow the appropriate appointment time to create your submission.